About the Book:
Snapshots from Home
Stories from Dysfunctional High School
By Angel 'Halo' Dunworth


Snapshots From Home is a short-story collection written to open discussions between parents and teens on real topics that face kids today. The book covers a myriad of subjects such as suicide, divorce, sexting, abuse and many others. Every story is written from the view-point of the teenager who is in or close to the situation. It is the author's wish that it helps people get out of their comfort zones and into discussing the issues at hand.

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Roar of the Crowd (suicide)

Snapshots of Home (substance abuse by a parent)

Razor (Cutting)

The Corpse (divorce)

Monkey (marijuana use, peer pressure)

Dangerous Kisses (STDs)

Fists (bullying, guns in schools)

House of Mirrors (body image issues, plastic surgery)

IM (sexting)

Rainbow (Homosexuality)

Independence Day (run away)

Socialite (social climbing)

Stars and Stripes Forever (bereavement, loss of a parent, war)

Pagan (cross-culture, self- worth)

Turd (Verbal abuse)

Without My Consent (date-rape drug)

Romeo (relationship dynamics, premarital sex)

Zero (abandonment by a parent)

Martyr (disability of a parent, care-taking)

The Perfect Party (prescription drug use, skittles parties)

Oreo (special needs, sibling rivalry)

Disposable Income (prostitution in schools, STDs)

Stash (alcoholism, drug use)

Da (Children having children)

Freak (physical disability, self image issues)
Future Earth (anorexia nervosa, Bipolar, sexting, children having children, addiction, over dose, gangs)



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