Hi. I'm a parent too and I understand how daunting kids can be. I understand how many times a day that we as parents walk around wondering why our kids didn't come with instructions! You are here more then likely because your lovely child has found themselves in trouble. I know you're a good parent and so you don't want to let it destroy your relationship with them. As you already learned when they were toddlers.... trouble and kids just go together. Take heart. They are still great kids... they just need a bit of help once in a while.


Here you will find a lot of help. I have found you links, articles, hot-lines, support groups and anything else I could think of that might help you and your family get through the storms of adolescence. I tried to find something on each topic in my book.


If you also find an article or link that you think might be helpful to other parents you can send it to me through the contact link on this site. We'll all get through it together


Thanks for reading,







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