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Author Angel “Halo” Dunworth gives insight to troubled teens

Stories showcasing challenges teens face; proves to get the conversation started with parents.



San Antonio, Texas – Opening eyes of parents and teens through an assortment of ‘micro-mini’ stories written in the perspective of teens, Snapshots from Home, Stories from Dysfunctional High School  is a book you can not afford to miss.  Dunworth has in a word, empowered the readers to take the initiative in their own lives, to make better choices by learning how easily each situation can start and trailing off just in time to get the conversation started.


“It is so easy to make an innocent choice that turns devastating,”  Dunworth begins, “by being informed as to many of the issues teens face in their daily lives, they can be aware of situations before they arise and avoid them.” Dunworth is the author of this captivating collection of stories that with little detail exemplify every teens life in a generic, been-there way that even parents can understand and learn from. Parents who don’t understand what their child is going through can get a glimpse into their lives without pushing and can leave the door open for future discussions.


Learn more about Snapshots from Home at and a website dedicated towards helping teens and parents, promoting education and providing helpful information and links to organizations designed to help every aspect of topic covered in the book. Available in Print edition and EBook formats.




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