This book entitled “Snapshots From Home,” could very well be tool you might want to utilize in your classroom. Kids are a lot more likely to volunteer to read something current as opposed to Twain or O Henry.


Find within “Whole Language” printables that focus mainly on the literary work as a literary work. I have provided homework on the bottom of each printable and a post work section for each story. There is a myriad of socially relevant topics and also a myriad of skills to be worked on as well, including grammar, vocabulary and basic literature (in so much as plot, theme, fore-shadowing and so on.)

This site also provides worksheets, articles, hot-lines, support groups and a million other things that you can possibly use to your advantage once the students get to discussing the stories, so look around. Each story in the book is less then 6 pages a piece, so most kids won't have a problem reading them.


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